Vanilla Ice to Play Mark Twain in Adam Sandler’s First Netflix Movie

Adam Sandler is ready to produce his first movie (of an unnecessary four picture deal) for Netflix and for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, Vanilla Ice will take on the role of Mark Twain.

And it gets worse. So much worse. The elder ones are rising.

Vanilla Ice Mark Twain

Credit: Twitter

The movie itself will be titled Ridiculous 6 (accurate) and is a satire of Westerns like The Magnificent 7.

Sandler will of course star as the protagonist, an orphan who grew up in a “Native American tribe.” His half-brothers will be played by Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider and Luke Wilson.

Basically the opposite of a dream team.

The film will also feature Nick Nolte, Danny Trejo, Jon Lovitz, Steve Buscemi, Dan Aykroyd, Terry Crews and Blake Shelton as Wyatt Earp.

Remember every time we complained about Hollywood needing to come up with original ideas? We take it all back.

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