Urijah Faber Announces UFC Retirement

Urijah Faber will be leaving the world of MMA after his fight against Brad Pickett at FOX UFC Fight Night in Sacramento on December 17. This comes after a somewhat lopsided record for the 135 lb. fighter, who to bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Jimmie Rivera in his most recent fights.

The former WEC champion and UFC title contender explained his decision to

“I’ve been kind of waiting for this, and this is actually going to be my last fight,” Faber stated. “And it just feels right to do it in (Sacramento) in this new arena. It just feels like the right time and the right place.”

He would go on to add, “I’ve been waiting for this new arena to be built, I was waiting for that Dominick Cruz opportunity, and I feel like this is going to be an epic event and I can’t wait to do it in front of the people I love.”

Urijah Faber Announces UFC Retirement

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“It took a long time to get to this point where I’m skilled enough and I’m in a position where I can fight and have a great time, but like my last fight, and my last couple fights, I haven’t found that emotional rise or fall,” Faber said. “That is kind of a strange thing for me.”

However, Faber hasn’t lost his passion for MMA, stating, “I still love what I’m doing and that’s the reason why I’m doing it, but I just feel like this is going to be something that’s going to be an emotional thing for me, it’s going to be a passion thing. I’m going to train my butt off, and I just feel like right now is the right time.”

If this is really it for Faber, he’s had a hell of a run. Like any MMA fighter, Faber deserves to go out on his own terms, rather than when the sport passes him by. Best of luck to him in the future.

But what do you think about Urijah Faber’s retirement? Will it stick? Sound off in the comments!

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