Update: Why WWE Fired Billy Gunn, and Why They Didn't Know About His Drug Use

When WWE trainer Billy Gunn was fired over the weekend after failing a test for performance enhancing drugs, many behind-the-scenes were wondering why it was such a big deal, considering Gunn isn't a contracted performer, but simply one of the coaches at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. However, just as many were wondering why WWE didn't catch this drug violation sooner.

Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly offered an update as to why this flew under WWE's radar for so long, and why the company made such a huge deal out of it once they learned the truth: apparently, WWE only tests contracted talents, not coaches and staff, which is why the company never knew Gunn was using performance enhancing drugs. They simply never tested him. But when the truth got out, the company felt they had little choice but to fire him, since it'd compromise the integrity of their entire developmental program to have one of their coaches test positive for PEDs and suffer no consequences for it.

The strange part in all this is that WWE didn't even learn the truth about Gunn through their own testing process. Gunn's failure came to light as a result of a powerlifting organization in which he was competing. The organization tested Gunn for a powerlifting meet held in July. Gunn tested positive, and he suffered a four-year suspension from the sport as a result. Yet he somehow managed to keep this hidden from WWE for several more months. So I would imagine Gunn's firing is as much about his deception as it is about the actual drug test failure, since he essentially made WWE look bad by showing that they had no idea what one of their employees was up to on his days off. I suppose you could make the argument that this is really no worse than a lot of things people get suspended or fired over, but it's understandable why WWE would rather just not deal with this sort of drama.

The company is still looking for a replacement for Gunn, and the search has reportedly been narrowed down to two people. Here's hoping one of them is William Regal, a man with a keen mind for the business who is already down in Florida as part of NXT.

Update Why WWE Fired Billy Gunn, and Why They Didn't Know About His Drug Use
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