Upcoming ‘Modern Family’ Episode Shot Entirely on iPhones and iPads

An upcoming episode of Modern Family was shot entirely on the iPhone 6 and new iPads. It also utilized a couple of Macs. The episode is titled “Connection Lost” and will air on Feb. 25 on ABC. Equipment of course was provided by Apple.

“Everything was shot on the iPhone 6 or new iPads,” show co-creator Steve Levitan told the New York Times. “With one or two small scenes shot using MacBook Pros.”

“Connection Lost” will center around the family’s attempt to locate a missing daughter. (Lily perhaps? She’s grown enough to walk around.) The family will be texting and video chatting during the search so it makes sense to just use these modern day gadgets.

I’m actually interested to see this. We’ve seen videos from smartphones for years on our computers. Let’s see if the iPhone passes the TV test. (I think it will!)

Upcoming 'Modern Family' Episode Shot Entirely on iPhones and iPads

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