Uma Thurman’s face is back to normal again! Praise Jeebus! (VIDEO)

Uma Thurman is back to being Uma Thurman again! I am so relieved. She was on TODAY this morning addressing the furor over her “new face” the other day. It turns out it was really just make up! Woohoo! I am so happy!!!

Please Uma Thurman: Do not use that makeup artist again. Horrible!

The premiere of “The Slap” is tonight on NBC. I actually think Uma’s face was great promo for the series. I think I am going to watch tonight! Like Uma said, you take the good with the bad. I love her! I am so happy!!!

I’ve been crying since I watched this video. It’s like seeing an old friend back. Do not leave us again Uma!

Watch the video here:

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Uma Thurman face back to normal again! (Thank god) (VIDEO)

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