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Uh Oh! ‘The Bachelor’ Is Being Sued Over Meal Breaks

Reality TV shows aren’t exactly new to litigation, and The Bachelor is the latest series to face a class-action lawsuit.

Connor Eckert, a former production assistant on The Bachelor, has filed a class-action suit against the show’s production company, NZK Productions. His claims? Eckert asserts he was not given adequate meal breaks, which is in violation of California labor laws.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of NZK’s production assistants in the state of California, as Eckert claims other production assistants were similarly denied adequate meal breaks, in addition to being deprived of accurate wage statements.

Uh Oh! 'The Bachelor' Is Being Sued Over Meal Breaks

Source: YouTube

Considering how strict California’s labor laws tend to be, it’s hard to imagine the courts won’t take this pretty seriously. If Eckert has evidence and witnesses to back him up, this could be disastrous for NZK Productions, which could end up being pretty bad for The Bachelor franchise, especially if they have to pay out some massive judgment. The budget for all three shows is pretty strained as it is, given that the shows don’t travel as frequently as in years past, nor do they necessarily visit as many exotic locations as they used to. But this is all predicated on Eckert having a strong enough case to win a judgment, which is hard to know this early into the suit. Hopefully, the truth will out.

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