UFC Star Miesha Tate Carries Injured Girl Down Mountain

Miesha Tate may no longer be the UFC women’s bantamweight champion after her fight against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200, but recent events suggest that she doesn’t really need to be a champion when she can just be a hero instead.

Over the weekend, Tate apparently helped an injured girl down off Mt. Charleston in Nevada. Tate discovered the the 6-year-old Kai at the top of Mary Jane Falls, suffering from a broken arm alongside her mother. Tate offered to carry the child down the mountain and back to safety, and that’s exactly what she did. All told, Tate carried her a distance of roughly two miles. She detailed the incident in a Facebook post:

Tate later posted a video to Instagram in which little Kai thanks her:

UFC Star Miesha Tate Carries Injured Girl Down Mountain

Source: YouTube

I feel as though this just adds to Tate being one of the most likable people in all of MMA. I hope she makes a big comeback in the octagon, because seeing her women the title at UFC 196 was one of my favorite moments as a fan. It was such a long time in coming, and I’d love to see her ascend that mountain again (no pun intended). Glad to see that Kai is alright, and big ups to Miesha for stepping up.

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