UFC Star Mark Hunt Claims Brock Lesnar Is ‘Juiced To the Gills’

Mark Hunt is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 on July 9 in one of the marquee fights of the Las Vegas card. However, Hunt isn’t exactly thrilled about Lesnar’s USADA exemption, claiming that it’s not only unfair, “it’s a load of bulls–t.”

In an interview with FOX Sports, Hunt went off on Lesnar for being a “pretender”, while also taking shots at USADA for allowing Lesnar his exemption from the policy, which requires four months advance notice for any fighter coming out of retirement, in order to allow USADA to begin rounds of rigorous testing.

“I don’t think that’s fair. I think it’s load of bulls***, I think it’s rubbish,” Hunt said. “I don’t think anyone should be exempt from testing. If they’re trying to clean the sport up — mixed martial arts — this is a bad way to do it. I don’t care who you are. It’s ridiculous.”

Hunt would go on to claim that Lesnar isn’t exactly the poster boy for being clean.

“I don’t think it’s a great move. I think he’s juiced to the gills — and I still think I’m going to knock him out. So I don’t think that’s correct. I don’t think he should be allowed to get a four-month exemption otherwise everyone else should. Otherwise I should start juicing.”

UFC Star Mark Hunt Claims Brock Lesnar Is 'Juiced To the Gills'

Source: YouTube

While Lesnar will still receive drug tests as part of the policy, Hunt seems to take issue with the possibility that Lesnar had been juicing prior to the USADA exemption, and would simply be cycling the illegal substances out of his system while potentially retaining the gains from months of use in training. While there’s no way to know if Lesnar has used any illegal substances without a test, Hunt seems convinced that, at the very least, this entire situation is absurd.

“How are you going to clean the sport up doing that s***? It won’t happen,” Hunt said. “I don’t think it’s fair.”I’ve already voiced my opinion to [UFC president Dana White] about it but apparently [Lesnar] has been getting tested but he’s probably been off a couple of cycles anyway. I think everyone should be tested equally and fairly. Make it an even playing field, otherwise you might as well get everyone juiced up and have the juicing UFC competition and the non-juicing [competition].”

While Hunt isn’t exactly wrong, I’d say that claiming Brock is on steroids is baseless without any concrete evidence. Plenty of guys who use steroids don’t actually look jacked, while others can virtually be The Incredible Hulk without using any banned substances at all. Some people just have crazy genetics. Either way, it’s tough to know without tests. So, from that standpoint, I can see where Hunt is coming from on this. Still, I’d say Hunt has the edge in this fight, whether Lesnar had been using or not. Lesnar hasn’t fought in five years, and Hunt is one of UFC’s hardest hitters. I’m a fan of Lesnar’s, but I simply like Hunt’s chances better right now.

But what do you think? Who do you have in Hunt vs. Lesnar? And is Hunt right in his assessment of Lesnar and USADA? Sound off in the comments!

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