UFC Star Conor McGregor Licensed To Box In California

Is Conor McGregor seriously considering taking the boxing match against Floyd Mayweather that has been rumored and hyped for months now? It seems as though McGregor has taken his first steps towards possibly making that fight a reality.

Just days removed from being stripped of his UFC Featherweight title, current UFC lightweight champion McGregor has obtained a license to box professionally in the state of California.

While McGregor would still have to defer to UFC before pursuing any possible boxing match, it’s a fight that could make tons of money for the company, if it succeeds in pulling boxing fans into MMA. However, there could be some serious repercussions if McGregor gets taken apart, since it could put McGregor out of commission and potentially even hurt his drawing power.

UFC Star Conor McGregor Licensed To Box In California

Source: YouTube

But that’s all speculation on a fight that Mayweather might not even take. Hell, this is if the fight is even realistically on the table. McGregor is already catching hell for having held up the featherweight title for a year, and now he’s taking time off until May, which means no lightweight title matches until then either. And that’s if McGregor doesn’t immediately go to a third fight with Nate Diaz upon returning. It’s hard to know what’s next for McGregor outside. I mean, not even in WWE is off the table for the guy right now, apparently.

But what do you think about this? What should McGregor’s next fight be? Sound off in the comments!

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