UFC Star Conor McGregor Gets Naked, Talks Irish Genes (VIDEO)

UFC star Conor McGregor is getting naked for ESPN’s Body Issue 2016. He’s also getting candid about his Irish genes, and what it takes to beat a man.

In this video, we go behind-the-scenes of Conor’s photoshoot for the Body Issue, which hits newsstands this Friday, July 8. Conor talks about his Irish genes and the proud history of the McGregor Clan, while also discussing his “three ways to beat a man” philosophy. It’s interesting stuff, not the least of which because Conor is beating the hell out of a heavy bag while all this is going on. Provided you aren’t at work (and even then, it’s not like the man exposes himself in the video), this is video that’s worth a look. You can watch the video below:

UFC Star Conor McGregor Gets Naked, Talks Irish Genes (VIDEO)


Looks like Conor is getting into tremendous shape for his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202. And it seems he’s gradually getting his confidence back too. Should be interesting to see if we get a different Conor McGregor in the Diaz rematch.

But what do you think of the video, and Conor McGregor’s statements? Sound off in the comments!

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