UFC Heavyweight Champion Says Conor McGregor Is a ‘Prostitute’ and ‘A Sell Out’

UFC Featherweight champion Conor McGregor is continuing to infuriate people who aren’t even in his weight class. This time, it’s UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, who still isn’t over the comments McGregor made about Werdum’s Brazilian colleagues and their workout camp.

In an interview with Combate, Werdum took the beef to the next level, declaring McGregor to be a “prostitute” and “a sell out.” It’s a heated interview, but it gives a window of insight into why Werdum is still so damn salty. Check it out below:

“Conor started out well, but then he went over the line, he started talking about Jesus. He just looks like a clown. In Brazil, we call them prostitutes, because they do anything for money. He’s a sellout. Of course it’s important to fight for money, but that guy will sell out for anything. I wouldn’t doubt he would sell out his ass. I wouldn’t do it.”

UFC Heavyweight Champion Says Conor McGregor Is a 'Prostitute' and 'A Sell Out'


Well…that was something. I mean, on the one hand, it seems McGregor’s usual pre-fight trash talk seemed to hit a nerve. On the other, I don’t really see the use in continuing the beef unless McGregor is going to step up in weight class or Werdum is going to step down. It’s basically a fight that will never happen, which takes a bit of the intrigue out of walking two guys talk smack about each other in public. Ah well, I guess Werdum could back up one of his friends as they take a shot at McGregor. That Rafael dos Anjos fight is going to happen eventually, I’d think.

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