UFC Fighter Cat Zingano Calls Out WWE Women’s Champion

UFC and WWE are two organizations that are always crossing paths, whether it’s through Brock Lesnar returning to fight in UFC while still being under contract to WWE, or CM Punk leaving WWE to go fight in UFC. Now, one of UFC’s biggest female stars is challenging one of WWE’s women’s champions.

Cat Zingano took to Twitter to call out current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. It started when Banks tweeted out some hype for the Hell In a Cell event this Sunday, where she’ll be facing Charlotte Flair in the first-ever women’s Hell In A Cell match:

Zingano was quick to respond with a confrontational rejoinder:

UFC Fighter Cat Zingano Calls Out WWE Women's Champion

Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, for fans looking to see these two square off, Banks hasn’t responded. Presumably, it wouldn’t be wise for a contracted WWE star to get into a Twitter war with a UFC fighter, since Vince McMahon has a noted distaste for talent promoting matches he can’t deliver, such as when Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin teased a match during an episode of the Stone Cold Podcast last year. Sure, you could argue that Brock has set a precedent by competing at UFC 200 while being under a WWE contract, but Brock operates by different rules than everyone else. He had that fight built into his WWE contract renewal, and while I don’t doubt that Brock would love to fight in UFC again, it appears the fight with Mark Hunt was a one-off, especially now that Brock has fallen under investigation by USADA for a drug test violation. With all that having been said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Zingano pop over in WWE for a match with Banks. At the very least, it seems more likely than WWE allowing Banks to fight in UFC (never mind that Sasha doesn’t really have any MMA training. Even with a fight camp and two-years of prep, it didn’t do much for CM Punk).

What do you think? Would you be down with a Cat Zingano vs. Sasha Banks showdown? Sound off in the comments!

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