UFC Cancels March 2016 Pay-Per-View From Brazil

The UFC pay-per-view scheduled for March 5th, 2016 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been canceled.

The official announcement was made during a UFC media conference call intended to promote the planned fight between Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping on Fight Pass, as Silva stated that the show bad been canceled.

“(It) was to have me fighting in Brazil against I don’t know who,” said Silva. “But with this situation going on in Brazil, economically and everything, the UFC decided to abort this event for now.”

UFC Cancels March Pay-Per-View In Brazil

Credit: Mary Ann Owen / WENN

Ah well, if nothing else, the Silva/Bisping showdown on Fight Pass should help boost subscription numbers for the on-demand service, since some insiders feel one of the things holding the service back is its lack of high profile fights. As far as Fight Pass is concerned, this is easily the highest-profile fight they’ve ever had. Here’s hoping it lasts longer than the thirteen seconds McGregor/Aldo did.

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