Tyrese Bought His 8-Year-Old Daughter Her Own Island Because Rich People

What’s the most over the top gift you’ve ever bought or received? We have a feeling it doesn’t beat out Tyrese Gibson‘s recent present to his 8-year-old daughter Shayla.

When asked this very same question by Entertainment Weekly (via Uproxx), Gibson — AKA the best father of the year — had a very interesting answer.

Responded the musician and actor, “Well, I just bought my daughter an island. Can’t say [where it is]. She knows all about it and the island is called Love Island. I’ll be putting it up on my Facebook soon.”

That’s not her only gift either, Gibson admitted that he’s also working on another present for Shayla which he is keeping hush hush.

Our guess? Ponies to fill the island with. Lucky!

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