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Tyanna Jones sings ‘Wings’ on American Idol 2015 (VIDEO)

Tyanna Jones auditioned with ‘Wings’ by Little Mix on American Idol XIV Season 14 on Thursday, January 29, 2015 in San Francisco.

I love this song, great song choice from Tyanna.

“I think you are great,” said Jennifer Lopez.

“You are a special young lady,” said Harry Connick, Jr.

“She sang slightly sharp,” said Keith Urban which impressed him because Tyanna said that she needed to work on her pitch.

Tyanna Jones landed the final spot in Hollywood in this season’s auditions.

From our live blog:

Tyanna is one of 11 children, saying it works out beautifully since she has the older siblings who tell her what to do, and she also has younger siblings she can tell what to do. She then notes that her family has had hard times, as they were homeless for a brief stretch, living in the church and with their pastor. They had to sleep on the floor and wash up in the sink, since there was no shower. She never saw her mother cry, but she’s sure she did. In the waiting room, Tyanna’s mother lets her know how proud she is of her. It’s a beautiful moment, so much so that I almost felt like I was intruding on something private.

Tyanna sings “Wings” by Little Mix, and I like it. She has a very theatrical quality to her voice that I think this season could use a bit more of. She’s got a solid sense of showmanship, conveying the mood of the song without having to move all that much.

Tyanna Jones sings 'Wings' on American Idol 2015 (VIDEO)

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