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Tyanna Jones, Savion Wright and Hollywood Anderson Perform on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

It’s night one of Hollywood Week on American Idol XIV, and it was a tough grouping of performances, as some of the contestants fought through the pressure, while others suffered from nerves. However, there was more than enough artistry and originality on display, as evidenced by these three contestants, Tyanna Jones, Savion Wright and Hollywood Anderson.

From tonight’s American Idol XIV “Hollywood Week No. 1” live blog

TYANNA JONES sings “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs, giving it a bluesy, old fashioned feel. She has a very big voice, and it quickly fills the room. She also has an easygoing confidence that is beyond her years. Seriously, she’s just such a confident performer, and I really enjoy watching her.

-We then follow it up with 20 seconds or so of SAVION WRIGHT singing “Lucky,” and it’s criminally brief. I wanted to hear so much more of this than they let us hear. This is just so good, and it instantly shoots to the top of my list of favorite performances.

-Lastly, HOLLYWOOD ANDERSON does a completely unrecognizable version of “Someone Like You” by Adele. His voice is good, but once again, it’s so unrecognizable that I find myself wondering what the point is. He also has some trouble with the song, which seems more like nerves than anything else. It’d be a shame if he got cut over this. I mean, even though I don’t love it, I just can’t front on his voice. The dude has my favorite tone of the competition so far. Hopefully, the judges see his potential and give him a second chance.

Thankfully, he does get a second chance, as all three contestants advance to the next phase of Hollywood Week. But what do you think of these three contestants? Watch the video below:

Tyanna Jones, Savion Wright and Hollywood Anderson Perform on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

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