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Two-Legged Puppy Takes First Steps In 3D-Printed Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Tumbles the two-legged puppy just got himself a new pair of wheels, as the adorable pooch tried out his 3D-printed wheelchair for the very first time. Filmed at the Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Athens, Ohio, the video shows Tumbles being fitted into his brand new wheelchair, which will allow him the mobility that’s been eluding him. The six-week-old terrier-beagle mix was born without front paws, and so he struggled against the rest of the litter to get any of his mother’s milk. The shelter took Tumbles in and helped nurse him to health. Now, they’re trying to help teach him how to walk.

“The Ohio University Innovation Center made his wheelchair using a 3D printer!” said Crystal Richmond, the Friend of the Shelter Dogs worker who posted this video on Facebook. “It took about 14 HOURS print!” It’s amazing what technology can do, and it’s really cool to see Tumbles finally get the chance to go for a spin. It’s adorable but also kind of inspiring. Watch the video below:

Two-Legged Puppy Takes First Steps In 3D-Printed Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Credit: ITV News

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