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Two Blind Dogs Finally Meet After Cross-Country Road Trip (VIDEO)

The struggle has been real for Batty, an adorable bulldog who was born completely blind. At just five-months-old, he was abandoned at an animal shelter because his owners couldn’t afford care. However, this story doesn’t have the sad ending you might expect from such a tragic background.

In this video, we see Batty finally meet a new big brother after a cross-country road trip following his adoption by a wonderful couple, Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers. The couple heard about Batty’s story from the Sacramento SPCA, and decided to make the 2,000-mile trek from Wisconsin to Sacramento to unite Batty with their dog, a blind pooch named Soto. Right away, these two got along like any two brothers should! It’s a video for reaffirming faith in the inherent goodness of other people, and for proving that all dogs deserve love. You can watch the full video below:

Two Blind Dogs Finally Meet After Cross-Country Road Trip (VIDEO)

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