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Twitter experiments with ‘TV Timelines’ using ‘American Idol’

Twitter is testing a new feature called “TV Timelines” for its mobile app on the iPhone. Currently, the topics that work are “American Idol,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Midnight” and “The Blacklist.”

Basically, this is a special timeline for TV topics. When you search for a TV show’s title or actor’s name, etc. Twitter will suggest the TV Timeline for you. The timeline includes three columns: “Highlights,” “Media” and “All”.

This is Twitter’s attempt to help users find content easier and separate relevant tweets from users trying to hijack a trending hashtag.

Has anyone tried this on their iPhone? Mashable had a preview, but I was wondering if it’s available now to select users.

Twitter experiments with 'TV Timelines' 'American Idol'

Twitter experiments with 'TV Timelines' using 'American Idol'

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