Twitter Basically Flipped Out Over Madonna Kissing Drake at Coachella

So…Madonna made out with Drake at Coachella, and his reaction was one of disgust and possible pain. And now, Twitter has had its say on the matter, and their reaction is…well, pretty much exactly the same as Drake’s.

While many of the responses featured absurd images and quick one-liners, the general sentiment was of a more serious nature: this was straight-up gross, and kind of messed up. Madonna is old enough to be Drake’s mother. And not a teen mom either. We’re talking a mom who got married and then waited a few years to have kids. And while older men make out with older women all the time, it normally isn’t on the main stage at Coachella. Of course, the age difference isn’t what’s weird about it so much as Drake seemingly not wanting to to happen in the first place. I’m not going to shout “sexual assault” or anything, since I find it hard to believe the kiss wasn’t planned, but I will say that it comes across as a needlessly transparent “shock value” tactic that wouldn’t do anything for Drake or Madonna’s careers anyway. At least not anything positive. Then again, the old adage is that “there’s no such thing as bad press,” so it wouldn’t surprise me if this were a calculated move, to some extent, considering they both have new albums out. But enough from me, check out Twitter’s response below with these highlights:

Twitter Basically Flipped Out Over Madonna Kissing Drake at Coachella

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