‘Twin Peaks’ Might Never Get that Promised Third Season

Last we heard, the cast and creators of Twin Peaks were all set for a third season revival through Showtime. But according to a new interview with director/creator David Lynch, things have become complicated.

When asked in an interview about returning to the show after 25-years, Lynch was very cryptic.

Twin Peaks Season 3

Credit: CBS

As he explained, “I haven’t returned yet. And we’re still working on the contract. But I love the world of Twin Peaks and I love those characters. And I think it will be very special to go back into that world.”

According to sources, while all nine episodes have been penned, “contract negotiations aren’t going as expected” and “there are complications” which may halt or prevent the show’s return.

Which is certainly going against our most recent information, including the return of Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).

Say it ain’t so Diane!

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