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‘Twilight’ is Celebrating 10 Years with a Gender-Swapped Retelling

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer has written a gender-swapped version of her vampire/human love story.

That’s right, Bella and Edward are now Beau and Edythe.

To which we say, really Stephenie Meyer? Those were the best B and E names you could come up with?

Twilight Gender Swap Life Death Twilight Reimagined

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Meyer said she wrote the new tale — Life And Death: Twilight Reimagined — in response to people complaining that Bella is nothing more than a damsel in distress.

As Meyer explained, “It’s always bothered me a little bit, because anyone surrounded by superheroes is going to be in distress. I thought, ‘What if we switched it around a bit and see how a boy does,’ and, you know, it’s about the same.”

The 442-page retelling will most likely be the only book in the series to get the gender-swap, which means werewolf Julie will never get to fall in love with Beau and Edythe’s human/vampire baby.

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