Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Has COVID-19

Jenna Ellis has COVID-19 Getty Images

Donald Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Ellis told her associates she has the virus and may have gotten it in a Christmas party at the White House last Friday, according to Axios.

Jenna Ellis is one of Trump's lead lawyers trying to overturn the election results. Trump's other lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has already checked into the hospital last Sunday, also with COVID-19.

Jonathan Swan wrote in Axios regarding Ellis:

Ellis showed up to the White House senior staff party in the East Wing on Friday as the guest of Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro and was not seen wearing a mask, according to sources who attended the indoor event.

"She had the nerve to show up at the senior staff Christmas party knowing everyone was furious with her for constantly stirring Trump up with nonsense," said a senior administration official.

The official said the news of her diagnosis after attending the party compounded this anger.