‘Tron 3’ Will Begin Filming This Fall In Vancouver

A third Tron movie is on the way, and it’s beginning production pretty damn soon.

Director Joseph Kosinski and crew will head to Vancouver this fall to shoot the sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy, as Walt Disney Pictures has given the greenlight to the movie. The official start date for filming is reportedly October 5, 2015.

This is the movie’s fifth year in development, as Disney has been looking into continuing the Tron franchise ever since Tron: Legacy overcame negative critical reviews to earn $400 million at the box office.

Garrett Hedlund will return as Sam Flynn, the son of Jeff Bridges’s character from the first two films in the series. But at the moment, he’s the only person confirmed to return, as the status of Jeff Bridges’s Kevin Flynn and Olivia Wilde’s Quorra is uncertain. Still, it feels like there’s still a lot of story left to tell in the universe of the Tron franchise. And the presence of a young star like Hedlund means this could be a franchise that can continue to be a moneymaker for Disney for years to come, provided demand remains relatively high.

'Tron 3' Will Begin Filming This Fall In Vancouver

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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