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Trent Harmon Steals Show With ‘Chandelier’ on American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

Trent Harmon sang “Chandelier” by Sia for his Song of the Season choice on the American Idol 2016 Finale on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

The arrangement is as gorgeous here as it was the first time, and the vocal lines up with what he achieved the first time as well. That extended falsetto at the end? GLORIOUS! In fact, I’d argue this is the best of the night so far. The crowd goes insane for him, to the point where he can’t hear the judges at all. Harry says Trent just made this the hardest decision in the history of American Idol. (Wait, was that Thia Megia in the audience?) Keith loves the performance, and then says “Chandelier” is the best song Freddie Mercury never wrote. Jennifer says Trent couldn’t have sang that any better, and tells him he deserves to win the competition. After the performance, Ryan hands Trent his diary, and he explains that he writes down everything the judges have ever told him on the show. I have an insane amount of respect for the amount of work Trent has put into this, and it all shows in how well he’s done in the competition. You can watch the performance video below:

Trent Harmon Steals Show With 'Chandelier' on American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

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