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Trent Harmon Sings ‘Falling’ On American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

Trent Harmon performed his potential winner’s single, “Battles”, on the American Idol 2016 Finale on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

In his video package, Trent talks about what it means to potentially be declared the winner of the farewell season of American Idol. It’s a really emotional, touching video package. Trent’s potential winner’s single, “Falling”, is a pretty cool song. Very smooth and sexy, with a bluesy R&B vibe to it. This could easily be a single for The Weeknd. And yet, while it’s a great post-Idol song, it’s not the best coronation song for a victorious moment, if he should happen to win this thing. That said, it’s better to have a less impactful winning moment, in exchange for a single that could actually launch your career better than a song about rainbows and achieving your dreams. You can watch the performance video below:

Trent Harmon Sings 'Falling' On American Idol 2016 Finale (VIDEO)

Download: Trent Harmon, “Falling”

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