Transgender Comedian Julia Scotti Steals Show on America’s Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

Transgender comedian Julia Scotti stole the show on America’s Got Talent 2016 on Tuesday, June 21, 2016!

Julia is a standup comic who wanted to pursue comedy full-time, but she needed to find something more stable, so she went back to school to become a sixth grade language arts teacher. She views this as a second chance, naturally. Onstage, she states that she wants to prove that age shouldn’t matter in terms of making it in the industry. Julia’s act is centered around her age and how she made it to her 60s, including gags about being “fat, single and broke.” She goes on to state that she was enough in her 401k for a month and a half of Netflix, and says that her primary care physician is a paleontologist. The crowd loves her and so do the judges. Delivery really is everything, and Julia is genuinely funny. After the performance, Julia reveals why she came back to comedy so late in life: she used to be known as RICK SCOTTI! The judges are genuinely shocked to learn she’s transgender, but they love her anyway, with Howie saying whether she’s a man or a woman, Julia is hilarious. The judges vote, and it’s the easiest four yeses of the night. Watch the performance video below:

Transgender Comedian Julia Scotti Steals Show on America's Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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