Toyota Corolla AE82 Is A Slow Car – But Fun Too! (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews offered up their take on the 1987 Toyota Corolla AE82, but the usual reviews are leagues different from the weekly POV drives.

In this video, Mr. Regular takes the Corolla out for a whirl, and discovers that while it’s every bit as slow as he expected, it’s also way more fun than he anticipated. It’s interesting to see Mr. Regular taken aback by a car to this degree, since you can tell he was pleasantly surprised by what he found here. If nothing else, I think this is a cool look into expectations vs. reality. Never judge a book by its car — or, at the very least, know that the cover of the book is only part of the story. Watch the video below:

1987 Toyota Corolla AE82 Is A Slow Car - But Fun Too! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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