Top ‘Justice League’ Easter Eggs Revealed

The new “Justice League” movie grossed nearly $100 million on its opening weekend and it is jam-packed with easter eggs from the DC Comics universe.

Mr. Sunday Movies from YouTube breaks down all the references made in the movie, the fifth in the so-called DC “Extended Universe.” This video is filled with spoilers so watch at your own risk.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

From YouTube:

Justice League 2017 is pack with Easter Eggs, Cameos, References and two pretty sweet post credits scene featuring one unbearable returning character. This video gets into all of that as well as how Superman was resurrected, Wonder Woman’s origin, the existence of Green Lanterns in this universe, other DC films such as Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman and Batman 1989 and more I guess.

I really like this movie! The Flash is my favorite comic book hero, and he really shines here. I’m definitely looking forward to more movies from DC. Let’s go Justice League!

Press play to watch the video below.

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