Top 5 Features of Google’s New Android M (VIDEO)

The Android M Developer Preview was released this week at Google I/O 2015, and here’s everything you need to know about its top features.

First of all, the “M” in Android M is still unknown but the top suggestions seem to be Marshmallow or Milkshake. Since Android has been on a candy theme for the last couple of releases, I’m going with M&M’s.

Top 5 Features of Google's New Android M (VIDEO)

Technology blogger Marques Brownlee describes the new release as having a “ton of tweaks” and here are the Top 5:

  1. Volume Control is improved

  2. Fingerprint reading is built-in

  3. Some “little tweaks”: Lock Screen / Control Individual Permissions For Every App / Better Copy and Paste, etc. However new alphabetical App Drawer is bad. (Can still change in final release).

  4. “Doze” – Energy-saving for the phone

  5. Google Now is improved with “Now on Tap.” Google Now can read anything on screen and make suggestions on demand.

Looking forward to this release on my phones.

Aside from Android M, Google also announced a stand-alone Google Photos app with unlimited storage.

There’s actually a ton of stuff that were announced at Google I/O which you can view here.

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