Tom Brady sings ‘Those Balls Are Perfect’ on YouTube (VIDEO)

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots sang ‘Those Balls Are Perfect’ in this new Songify the News on YouTube.

“You got to feel ’em, you got to squeeze ’em,” he sings. “To me those balls are all perfect.”

So funny.

Tom Brady talked about balls a lot in his press conference about “Deflategate”, where New England’s balls were discovered to be deflated during the AFC Championship Game vs. the Indianapolis Colts two weeks ago. Deflated balls apparently help with grip.

There were many jokes about this… but the best one of course is this. Tom Brady singing about balls is perfect.

The Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks this weekend in the Super Bowl.

Watch the video here:

Tom Brady sings 'Those Balls Are Perfect' (VIDEO)

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