Todrick Hall Freshens Up Peter Pan With a Katy Perry Mashup (VIDEO)

The story of Peter Pan has taken a major hit in public perception in recent times, due in large part to the disastrous box office performance of Joe Wright’s Pan, and the tepid reception for NBC’s Peter Pan Live! last year.

But leave it to viral video sensation Todrick Hall to reinvent the story with modern pop music. In the season finale to his MTV show, Todrick, the story of Peter Pan is reimagined with music from Katy Perry in a skit that is, much like Todrick’s other videos, is something we didn’t even know we wanted until we saw it. Seriously, this Katy Perry mashup is awesome, and very clever, since I never really noticed how well Perry’s music fits into the Peter Pan tale. This really speaks volumes for what a great entertainer Todrick has become over the years, from American Idol to viral videos to MTV. Watch the full video below:

Todrick Hall Freshens Up Peter Pan With a Katy Perry Mashup (VIDEO)

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