TNA Loses International TV Deal, Blames Spoilers

Despite a judge ruling in the their favor against Billy Corgan in the ongoing lawsuit for control of the company, TNA remains in dire straits: the company has lost one of its most lucrative international TV deals.

Challenge TV in the United Kingdom has announced that they will no longer air TNA, effective January 2017. This is a major blow to the company, as the Challenge TV deal wasn’t just a major source of revenue internationally, it was a major source of revenue, period. The Sony Six deal in India is the only other TV deal worth anything, and that deal is predicated on the company touring India by the end of the year, which basically has no realistic chance of happening at this point. So the company is likely losing that source of revenue as well.

However, TNA is getting out in front of this by blaming spoilers for the loss of the TV deal, for some reason. You can read their official statement below:

TNA Loses International TV Deal, Blames Spoilers

Source: YouTube

We are proud to have had such a great relationship with Challenge, and appreciate how the channel brought Impact Wrestling to our avid viewers through the years. In today’s world, spoilers are inevitable. We’ve heard from the amazing fans in the UK and know you do not want to wait 3-5 days to watch the program after it airs in the US.

Our goal is to broadcast Impact Wrestling in the UK as close to the US premiere as possible. We look forward to announcing that opportunity soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we hope you continue to watch Impact Wrestling on Challenge, Sunday nights at 9pm, as well as Xplosion and pay-per-views and follow us on social media. Thank you.

So on the one hand, while it looks as though TNA is likely to continue on, it doesn’t exactly seem as though the company will be in any way profitable. Then again, I have to wonder how profitable these TV deals really were in the first place if Dixie Carter still had to leverage her shares to find investors to help fund TV tapings. And that’s a genuine question too, because I’m not exactly sure how the financials pan out in a company like this, between overhead, payroll, etc. I would imagine TNA has costs that far exceed what the company would bring in each quarter, especially if the company already has debts they’re struggling to pay.

Regardless of the level of profitability the UK deal provides, the truth of the matter is that TNA would be far better off with the Challenge TV deal than without it, so this is not a good sign for the company. And it’s likely to get worse if they lose the Sony Six deal as well, which seems pretty likely. That is, unless they can pull off a miracle, last-minute India tour by December 31. Considering TNA’s miraculous string of resilience these past few months, I’m not sure I’d rule anything out.

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