Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy Playing With Grown Man Is Impossibly Adorable (VIDEO)

A tiny Shih-Tzu puppy is cute enough as is, but they gain a whole other level in cuteness when they're this playful, as evidenced by this Shih-Tzu pup.

When a grown man gets on the floor to play with the little pooch, the Shih-Tzu puppy is more than up for a game of...well, we don't know, exactly. But does it really matter? Puppies playing with grown folk! It's an impossibly adorable video, with the tiny puppy nibbling on his owner and licking him like he's some sort of frozen treat. Granted, it's not that different from what any puppy would do, but this particular puppy is so outrageously small that we're having a hard time believing it's not some sort of stuffed toy. Then again, it's been so long since I've been a puppy parent that it's easy to forget just how small they get. Or maybe it's not easy to forget, and I simply have terrible memory. Either way, this is a video well worth checking out. You can watch the cute video below:

Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy Playing With Grown Man Is Impossibly Adorable (VIDEO)

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