Tinder Had A Twitter Meltdown After Vanity Fair Diss

The Tinder Twitter account went on a massive rant last night after Vanity Fair published a not too favorable article about the dating app.

The article basically said that Tinder is used mostly to find one-night stands because it’s too easy. The PR person running Tinder’s Twitter however disagrees.

He/she then shows examples of Tinder users in Pakistan, China and North Korea who use the app to “connect to people” when they normally wouldn’t be able to because of laws in those countries.

“It’s about meeting new people for all kinds of reasons. Travel, dating, relationships, friends and a shit ton of marriages,” Tinder said.

Here’s the whole thing. I find it hilarious that this person is really taking Tinder seriously. You work for an company that makes an app for hooking up. Deal with it. You’re not changing the world.

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