Tim Tebow and Sportscasters Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel Live brought back one of its most popular segments last night: Mean Tweets! It’s a segment in which celebrities read horrible tweets about themselves, often with hilarious (although fairly mean-spirited) results.

In this edition, sports broadcasters are the ones diving into the Twitterverse to brave some really awful tweets. In addition to the sportscasters from ESPN, some college football coaches got in on the action, as well as NFL star Tim Tebow. It’s a pretty fun segment, even if you don’t happen to know who any of these people are, since a lot of the comedy doesn’t have a whole lot to do with football, surprisingly enough.

Among those included in the segment are Lou Holtz, Desmond Howard, Mark May, Heather Cox, Brian Kelly and Tebow. It’s a fun segment, even considering the mean-spirited nature of the tweets. At the very least, everyone appears to be taking it in good humor. ESPN’s Lou Holtz is the highlight, agreeing with a tweet that compares him to Daffy Duck. I don’t really see the comparison, but Holtz’s delivery put a big, dopey grin on my face. Seriously, these segments have the potential to end so much worse than they do, considering how hurtful some of these tweets tend to be. But everyone is so loose and unperturbed by it that whatever harm these tweets might have is pretty much neutralized. Ultimately, it’s a pretty enjoyable segment — at least as much as the last time they did Mean Tweets.

Watch the full Mean Tweets segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

Sports Broadcasters Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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