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Tiger Sharks Get Up Close To Brave Divers (VIDEO)

GoPro makes a lot of things possible. You can document your travels and travails on a BMX bike, record dirty yet informative car reviews, and even get up close to wildlife with a camera in ways you couldn’t before. Case in point, one brave diver/cameraman got up close and personal with a tiger shark.

In this video, we meet Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, two scuba divers who set off from Jupiter, Florida to go underwater and cuddle with some sharks. Seriously. It’s as if GoPros themselves are what inspire risk-takers. Whatever the reason for the risk, the results are actually pretty endearing, honestly. The tiger sharks look cute up close, and the temperament of the sharks seems easygoing enough. It’s an interesting video, and keeps that Shark Week feeling going year-round. Watch the video below:

Tiger Sharks Get Up Close To Brave Divers (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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