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This Precious Dog Deserves An Oscar! (VIDEO)

It’s not exactly news to declare that some dogs are pretty good actors. But not all of them can play dead as well as this precious dog.

As we can see with this pooch, playing dead just comes naturally. Whether it’s going from a barking rage to suddenly playing dead after his owner “shoots” him, this dog’s got it down. He even jerks his body a bit when his owner “shoots” him again on the floor. It’s the kind of acting talent that should earn him an Oscar — or whatever the dog equivalent of an Oscar is. A Pawscar, maybe? (I should be ashamed of that pun, but I’m corny, so I’m not)

Watch the adorable video below:

Source: Dramatic dog performs action scene with owner by Positivedogcare on Rumble

This Precious Dog Deserves An Oscar (VIDEO)

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