This Post-Apocalyptic ‘Zorro’ Movie Was an Eventuality

A post-apocalyptic Zorro remake is happening, and we imagine its creation went a little something like this:

“Zorro is a well-established franchise, but how do we make it fun and exciting so we can re-package it for the new generation? Ugh, thinking is hard, let’s just set it in a post-apocalyptic future.”

Post Apocalyptic Zorro

Credit: TriStar Pictures

The film — titled Zorro Reborn — has been in development hell for the past 15 years (you may recall us covering it in 2012), but according to the Hollywood Reporter it will finally see the light of day when it begins filming in 2016.

Why? Because why not?

Said Lantica Media CEO Antonio Gennari of the project, “Every generation has its own Zorro hero and we’re proud to be able to introduce a new Zorro to this generation.”

Zorro Reborn is a post-apocalyptic take on the myth of Zorro, the pulp hero created in 1919. The traditional stories cast Zorro as a hero of peasants and farmers who fought against corrupt and brutal officials of Spanish-held California. Reborn is set in the near future but keeps the idea of a masked and caped stranger taking on tyrants.

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