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This Is What It’s Like to Go on a Walk With 42 Saint Bernards (VIDEO)

Plenty of people work side jobs as dog walkers. And sometimes, those people have to walk multiple dogs at once. But have you ever seen anyone walk 42 dogs at once?

Lasqueti is an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island in Canada where civilization is hard to come by. Only about 350 people live there year-round, meaning there aren’t too many neighbors with whom to hang out. However, one of the families who do live there has taken care of their lack of neighbors by essentially replacing people with dogs. The family breeds Saint Bernards, and they keep one pooch from every litter. This video, shot in 2011, is from the point at which the family was up to a massive 42 Saint Bernards. It’s an utterly ridiculous scene, and downright glorious in its silliness, with all those Saint Bernards roaming the woods like they have the run of the place. It’s adorable, and also kind of overwhelming. You can watch the full video below:

This Is What It's Like to Go on a Walk With 42 Saint Bernards (VIDEO)

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