This Insane Bugatti-Inspired Villa Is a Dream House for Car Guys (PHOTOS)

For a lot of car guys, the American Dream is just to own a Bugatti. But now, even the men who’ve achieved that dream have something new to drool over: a Bugatti-inspired house!

This insane house is entirely centered around Bugatti ownership. And it’s not the only one! The Ettore 971 limited edition villas get their name from Bugatti’s founder and the international dialing code for Dubai, where these villas are located. Luxury real estate developer Damac Properties offers these homes, which feature seven bedrooms, and an indoor vehicle display for their Bugatti — in particular, a solid glass case that can be seen from anywhere in the house…or outside of it. Check out photos of the palatial villas below:

This Insane Bugatti-Inspired Villa Is a Dream House for Car Guys

Credit: CarBuzz

Bugatti Villa from Damac Properties

Credit: CarBuzz

Bugatti Villa

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Bugatti Villa Damac Properties

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Bugatti Villa furniture

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“We know that many of our loyal customers are huge fans of the Bugatti super sports car brand and the opportunity to live in the world’s first villas styled in Bugatti’s design language featuring key codes of the brand’s DNA is a unique opportunity to experience this fantastic brand in a whole new way,” said Damac’s managing director Ziad El Chaar. “The added touch of being able to see your car from many areas of the living quarters adds to the immersive design incorporated throughout these truly luxurious homes,”

Of course, at $10 million a pop, this is probably cost-prohibitive even for guys who OWN a Bugatti already. Unless they’re some sort of impossibly wealthy businessman or movie star. But even then, why would you need a separate, $10 million home in Dubai? And yet…damn. I mean, if you have the money, more power to you. And also, tell me your secret to long life and Bugatti ownership.

What do you think of the Bugatti-inspired villas? Sound off in the comments!

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