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This Girl Group Was Cut Last Year, But They’re Back To Win The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

Girl group Paris Inc. made their triumphant return to The X Factor Australia with an outstanding performance of “Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor!

To this day, I have no idea how these girls got eliminated last year, especially considering some of the groups Dannii Minogue actually ended up picking. Hell, Dannii had to know she had something with this group last year, because she put them through to Home Visits. But then she picked Trill, XOX, and Younger Than Yesterday — three acts that went out in rapid succession. Hell, she’d have been the first judge knocked out last year if not for Australia voting in Brothers3 as the wild card. Long story short, eliminating Paris Inc. was unequivocally a mistake, one that should probably get corrected this year. I love this group, and I really do hope they make the live shows this year, because I think they could go all the way. They could be the Australian Little Mix. Watch Paris Inc.’s audition video below:

This Girl Group Was Cut Last Year, But They're Back To Win The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

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