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This Cuddly Dog Loves a Good Hug – So Cute! (VIDEO)

Everyone loves a good hug! Whether you’re a human or a dog, there’s just something warm and reassuring about hugging someone. It’s why those weird strangers on the street are always giving them out for free. Hell, a hug actually saved two dogs from euthanasia, so not only are hugs fantastic, they can also be life-saving!

Of course, they can be cute too. Case in point, this cuddly dog named Noah, who appears to be downright obsessed with getting hugs. Honestly, he seems sad at first, or maybe Noah just has a naturally mopey face. Either way, all that sadness seems to melt away with a hug. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog this cuddly. Love it! Watch the full video below:

This Cuddly Dog Loves a Good Hug - So Cute! (VIDEO)

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