This Apple Watch Costs $115,000 (PHOTO)

If you thought the Apple Watch Edition was expensive at $17,000, how about this customized diamond-studded version from Brikk which costs $114,995! The watch itself is the stainless steel case version of the Apple Watch with a Link Bracelet band which costs $1000 retail. But after adding the diamonds and 18-karat gold, it’s transformed into your modern-day symbol of excess.

Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave now. I don’t think he had this in mind for his company.

Oh… and so you want to pre-order this thing… that would be a $10,000 deposit thank you very much.

No thanks.

Via Mashable / Brikk

Apple Watch Costs 115,000

This Apple Watch Costs $115,000 (PHOTO)

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