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This Adorable Beagle Will Never Say ‘No’ to a Walk (VIDEO)

Beagles are an active breed. They love playing, they love the outdoors, and, in particular, they love just going for a walk. In fact, you don’t even need to give them any incentive to go on a walk. More often than not, they’ll be thrilled enough at the prospect of going outside.

I speak from experience on this one, although this video also offers up evidence of the active, childish enthusiasm of a beagle. This adorable dog will never say “no” to a walk, perking up at the mere mention of the word “walk”. For real, no sooner does this dog’s owner say “walk” than this dog comes to life. It’s just so freakin’ cute. Watch the full video below:

Source: This dog only responds to one word! by TylerMancuso on Rumble

This Adorable Beagle Will Never Say 'No' to a Walk (VIDEO)

I imagine this isn’t too different from how other dogs react to the prospect of a good walk, but this is still pretty hilarious, because the dog’s reaction here is so instantaneous, even when he’s lazing around. I love it.

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