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These Dogs Will Do ANYTHING to Keep Their Owner From Leaving (VIDEO)

Some dogs love their humans a lot. Like, a LOT. Hence, they don’t exactly like being left alone. After all, it’s not like they’re using the downtime to write a novel or anything. So why wouldn’t a dog try to stop his best friend from leaving, if he could?

These dogs are doing their best to prevent their owner from leaving, from standing in the way to guard the exit, to tugging on their owner’s coat with their teeth. Few people on Earth have more determination in life than these dogs, and it’s kind of crazy to watch, mostly because it damn near works! It isn’t until she actually picks one of the dogs off of her jacket that the owner is able to leave, scooting through the door before the dog can sink his teeth back in. I kind of wish there was an accompanying video showing how the dogs react when she comes back home, because if this is how they act when she leaves…

Watch the video below:

Lonely Dogs Prevent Owner From Leaving the House (VIDEO)

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