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The X Factor UK 2016 Vote Totals Revealed! (Saara Aalto Was NEVER Bottom 2!)

The X Factor UK 2016 voting totals have been revealed, showing how each contestant was ranked after each live show. In past years, the winner has been at or near the top for the entire competition, while other years saw the winner build momentum as the season continued. How did this year’s winner, Matt Terry, fare? And how close did runner-up Saara Aalto come to winning it all?

Interestingly, the biggest takeaway here is that, despite having been in the Bottom 2 sing-off THREE times, Saara was never actually in the Bottom 2 in terms of sheer voting totals. The only reason she ever landed in the Bottom 2 in the first place was because of the Lifeline Vote, which gave live viewers the opportunity to save one act from the Bottom 3 through The X Factor App. In a vote that disproportionately favored younger acts, fans saved Freddy Parker, Ryan Lawrie and Sam Lavery on each of the occasions Saara was in the Bottom 3. However, in each case, Saara had more votes than the acts who were saved.

There are other little factoids worth getting to, but we’ll save that for the end. For now, check out the voting totals for The X Factor UK 2016 below:

The X Factor UK 2016 Vote Totals Revealed! (Saara Aalto Was NEVER Bottom 2!)

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Live Show 1

Matt Terry – 22.2%

5 After Midnight – 13.3%

Emily Middlemas – 11.9%

Honey G – 10.9%

Sam Lavery – 9.8%

Relley C – 7.8%

Gifty Louise – 6.6%

Ryan Lawrie – 6.2%

Saara Aalto – 5.3%

Freddy Parker – 3.4%

Bratavio – 2.6%

Lifeline Vote 1

Freddy Parker – 52.0%

Saara Aalto – 38.5%

Bratavio – 9.5%

Live Show 2

Matt Terry – 19.5%

5 After Midnight – 15.6%

Emily Middlemas – 11.0%

Honey G – 9.3%

Sam Lavery – 8.8%

Four of Diamonds – 7.3%

Relley C – 6.6%

Gifty Louise – 6.4%

Saara Aalto – 6.4%

Ryan Lawrie – 4.6%

Freddy Parker – 4.5%

Lifeline Vote 2

Ryan Lawrie – 37.9%

Saara Aalto – 32.0%

Freddy Parker – 30.0%

Live Show 3

Matt Terry – 17.8%

Saara Aalto – 13.7%

Emily Middlemas – 11.9%

5 After Midnight – 11.5%

Honey G – 9.4%

Sam Lavery – 8.1%

Gifty Louise – 7.9%

Ryan Lawrie – 7.4%

Relley C – 6.2%

Four of Diamonds – 6.1%

Lifeline Vote 3

Ryan Lawrie – 37.9%

Relley C – 36.0%

Four of Diamonds – 26.1%

Live Show 4

Emily Middlemas – 18.7%

Matt Terry – 18.7%

Saara Aalto – 11.3%

5 After Midnight – 10.6%

Sam Lavery – 10.1%

Honey G – 9.2%

Ryan Lawrie – 8.7%

Gifty Louise – 6.6%

Four of Diamonds – 6.1%

Lifeline Vote 4

Ryan Lawrie – 41.2%

Gifty Louise – 35.0%

Four of Diamonds – 23.8%

Live Show 5

Matt Terry – 16.7%

5 After Midnight – 15.5%

Emily Middlemas – 15.3%

Ryan Lawrie – 14.1%

Honey G – 11.6%

Saara Aalto – 9.4%

Four of Diamonds – 8.9%

Sam Lavery – 8.5%

Lifeline Vote 5

Sam Lavery – 46.1%

Four of Diamonds – 27.3%

Saara Aalto – 26.6%

Live Show 6

5 After Midnight – 19.0%

Saara Aalto – 18.4%

Matt Terry – 16.7%

Emily Middlemas – 13.4%

Honey G – 11.7%

Ryan Lawrie – 11.1%

Sam Lavery – 9.7%

Live Show 7

Matt Terry – 21.1%

Saara Aalto – 20.1%

5 After Midnight – 17.5%

Emily Middlemas – 16.8%

Ryan Lawrie – 13.3%

Honey G – 11.2%

Live Show 8

Saara Aalto – 23.7%

Emily Middlemas – 22.6%

Matt Terry – 21.2%

5 After Midnight – 20.3%

Honey G – 12.2%

Live Show 9

Saara Aalto – 28.8%

5 After Midnight – 26.6%

Matt Terry – 22.5%

Emily Middlemas – 22.1%

Finale (Vote Freeze)

Saara Aalto – 35.3%

Matt Terry – 33.4%

5 After Midnight – 31.3%

Finale (Final Vote)

Matt Terry – 48.5%

Saara Aalto – 40.4%

This is some pretty fascinating stuff, all in all. I fully anticipated that Honey G’s first time in the Bottom 2 would have resulted in her having more votes than her opponent, if only because of the buzz surrounding her. But she didn’t. Had the vote gone to deadlock, Honey G would have been eliminated, and Ryan Lawrie would have been saved. Similarly, Gifty Louise had more votes than Four of Diamonds in Week 4, which adds to the widely held belief at the time that, had the vote gone to deadlock, Gifty would have been saved.

As for the top of the vote, it’s interesting to see how often Saara was at or near the top, considering how her Bottom 2 appearances were part of the reason this underdog narrative was crafted in the first place. Without a Lifeline Vote, Saara would never have been in the Bottom 2, and there might not have been that groundswell of support to help lift her from middle-of-the-pack at the start, to potential winner by the end of the season. In a sense, without those Bottom 2 appearances, it’s hard to know if people would have started to get behind Saara in the way they did, since her vulnerability in those moments really opened her up and helped viewers to see just how likable she is. Then again, this is all just speculation on my end. For all anyone knows, Saara would have always made the finale. If nothing else, I think she deserved to get there.

As for Matt Terry, you can see how hard fought his win ended up being, since the top spot rotated throughout the season. Only four acts topped the vote, and those acts were the ones who became our final four. And on the Saturday night finale, Saara had this won after the vote freeze. If Sunday is strictly a results show with no additional voting, then Saara wins. But those final performances on Sunday night put Matt over the top. So while his momentum slowed at points in the competition, perhaps owing to having peaked so early, Matt was able to mobilize his fanbase and win by a comfortable margin in the final vote tally. This kind of stuff is just fascinating to me, and it’s one of the things I look forward to the most every season on The X Factor. It doesn’t really work when you get the results week-to-week in real-time, like on The X Factor USA Season 2, because that has the possibility of influencing voting. But after the fact, when the season is over and the winner has been crowned, it’s really interesting stuff.

But what do you think about the vote totals for The X Factor UK 2016? Sound off in the comments!

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