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The X Factor UK 2016 Semi-Final Results: Bottom 2 Shocker Makes History (VIDEO)

The X Factor UK 2016 semi-final featured not only one of the biggest results shockers of the season, but a Bottom 2 that made X Factor history!

After a night of Christmas songs and powerhouse performances, the Bottom 2 was revealed: Emily Middlemas and Matt Terry, two singers who had never previously been in the Bottom 2! This was momentous for the show since now, for the first time in the history of The X Factor UK, every single live show act has been in the Bottom 2! So if you’re looking to pick a winner for next week’s finale based on which of the finalists has never been at risk for elimination…well, you’ll have to pick another strategy.

But who went home? Matt Terry or Emily Middlemas? Get the semi-final results below:

The X Factor UK 2016 Semi-Final Results: Bottom 2 Shocker Makes History (VIDEO)

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The Bottom 2 were revealed to be…MATT TERRY and EMILY MIDDLEMAS!

Naturally, I was thrilled that Saara made it to the finale, although I was surprised about 5 After Midnight, since I figured they were losing momentum. But I suppose their Bottom 2 appearance last week galvanized much of their fanbase and got them the extra votes they needed to boost them to the finale. Either that, or they won a bunch of new fans with their performances on Saturday night. Their “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” was pretty fun. Whatever the reason, I’m happy for them.


Matt Terry sang “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera, and while I wasn’t feeling it at first, I thought it ended up being a pretty great sing-off song choice, because it’s such an emotional track that you can’t help being passionate while singing it. And, as a result, Matt comes across as though he’s really fighting to stay. I think, if anything, it became clear how much he wants this. Granted, they all do, but I thought this was an especially strong vocal from Matt.

Emily Middlemas sang “Wings” by Birdy, and I loved it more than either of her performances last night. And I did like both of her performances last night, for the most part, although I think what landed her here was how similar many of her performances have been, owing to Simon’s stubborn refusal to just let her do uptempo songs more often. I don’t know that she’d deliver anything exciting or uptempo if she’d made it to the finale either. Other acts have evolved, but Emily has sort of regressed, and it’s a shame because she’s insanely talented.


The judges will vote for the act they want to send through to the finale!

Simon Cowell votes to save EMILY MIDDLEMAS!

Nicole Scherzinger votes to save is MATT TERRY!

Louis Walsh votes to save MATT TERRY!

Sharon Osbourne votes to save MATT TERRY!

MATT TERRY advances to The X Factor UK 2016 Finale!

EMILY MIDDLEMAS is eliminated from The X Factor UK 2016!

SIMON COWELL is the first judge knocked out of the competition!

I liked Emily, but I thought this was the right result, even if it hadn’t been Matt in the Bottom 2 with her. I think 5 After Midnight, Saara, and Matt are the right final three, and I’m loving that there’s now genuine uncertainty going into the finale. Sure, Matt will likely get a boost from fans who now realize they can’t be complacent about their guy anymore, but who will Emily’s fans decide to back? Will they pick one of the three finalists, or just decide not to vote for anyone in next week’s finale? I wouldn’t be surprised if Saara picked up some followers, since her popularity has been steadily increasing. If she wins, she’d become the first wildcard in the history of The X Factor UK to win the series, so I’m rooting for her, even though she’s a massive underdog as a result of being in the Bottom 2 as many times as she has been. This should be an exciting finale, if nothing else.

But what do you think of the results? Sound off in the comments!

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