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The X Factor UK 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Week One?

The X Factor UK 2016 is LIVE and so are the results, as we find out which act was the unlucky recipient of the season’s first elimination.

Due to New York Comic Con 2016, I couldn’t cover the first live show as it was happening, but rest assured, I got caught up. And, honestly, I kind of turned the corner on this group of finalists. I wasn’t as hyped before, but I thought Saturday night’s show was pretty great, even though the show kicked off with one fewer act due to the disqualification of Brooks Way over domestic violence allegations against Josh Brooks. The crazy part in all this is that he’s not even the first person with that name to be disqualified from The X Factor in week one of the live shows, as I immediately thought back to Josh Brookes on The X Factor Australia, who was part of Mel B’s Boys categories before some unfortunate allegations were revealed, and he found himself disqualified. It’s a coincidence, but a pretty crazy one, honestly. But I digress, as the Brooks thing is running neck-and-neck with the sudden explosion in popularity of Honey G, as far as all-out craziness goes. She may have stolen the show, and with a field where the contest is this wide open, I think there’s a real chance Honey G could find herself going farther in this competition than just about any novelty act in history. I guess we’ll see. But over to the results.

Who was safe? Which acts were in the Bottom 2 sing-off? And who was eliminated in Week One? Get the results below:

The X Factor UK 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Week One?

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-Prior to results, host Dermot O’Leary announced a new Lifeline Vote in which, after the Bottom 3 were announced, the public would be able to save one act. The remaining two acts would then compete in the Bottom 2 sing-off. Anyway, onto the results:

The first act returning next week is…RELLEY C!

The second act returning next week is…5 AFTER MIDNIGHT!

The third act returning next week is…MATT TERRY!

The fourth act returning next week is…SAM LAVERY!

The fifth act returning next week is…RYAN LAWRIE!

The sixth act returning next week is…EMILY MIDDLEMAS!

The seventh act returning next week is…HONEY G!

The eighth act returning next week is…GIFTY LOUISE!


The public can only participate in the Lifeline Vote through The X Factor app, and they only have until the return from commercial break to get their vote on!

The X Factor UK 2016 Bottom 3 Week 1

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Freddy Parker, Saara Aalto and Bratavio are the Bottom 3. Only one will be saved by the public through the Lifeline Vote on The X Factor App.

The act saved by the public and returning next week is…FREDDY PARKER!

BRATAVIO and SAARA AALTO will compete in the Bottom 2 sing-off!

-Saara is up first!


-Saara sings “Alive” by Sia, and while I thought it started a bit rough, I think she really brought the passion and emotion by the end of it, to where I think it was better than a lot of the performances we got last night. If this sing-off was purely about singing, then I don’t see how Bratavio could compete with something like this. It was just an incredible vocal from front to back. Of course, I completely expect a Rylan Clark vs. Carolynn Poole situation here, where one clearly outsang the other, but they send it to deadlock anyway, and the more talented (but boring) act goes home. In fact, I’ll be downright SHOCKED if that doesn’t happen.

-Bratavio sing “The Only Way Is Up” by Yazz, and you know what? I actually really enjoy this. It’s still not better than Saara, but this is EASILY the best either man has ever sung in this competition. In fact, I thought this was orders of magnitude above what they did last night, to the point where I could almost see why Louis put them through. This was almost as big of a surprise as Honey G actually delivering on the promise of her entertainment value last night.


-Louis Walsh praises Saara on what he calls an “incredible” vocal. But he has to stick by his act: Louis Walsh votes to send home Saara Aalto!

-Sharon Osbourne likes Bratavio, but she’s standing by her act (while butchering the name of Bratavio in the process): Sharon Osbourne votes to send home Bratavio!

-Nicole Scherzinger didn’t even know Bratavio could sing like that. With that said, she thinks there was a clear winner to the sing-off: Nicole Scherzinger votes to send home Bratavio!

-Simon Cowell doesn’t draw it out, comparing it to a horse racing a guinea pig. The choice is obvious for Simon: Simon Cowell votes to send home Bratavio!

BRATAVIO is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK 2016!

-The guys talk about their time on the show, stating that having Louis as a mentor was a highlight, and that they’re thankful for all the support they’ve had. Louis says the show won’t be the same without Bratavio, but adds that Saara was simply incredible.

Well, color me shocked. The right act actually survived. I can understand what Louis was going for in putting Bratavio through, but I bet he probably wishes he’d have put through one of the girl groups, especially since Brooks Way ended up imploding. Ah well, hopefully Louis learns a lesson from this. Namely that novelty acts aren’t always going to work out like you think they will, especially if they’re not the only one in the competition. In terms of longevity, Bratavio ended up being more like Diva Fever than Jedward.

What do you think of the results? Sound off in the comments!

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