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The X Factor UK 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Week 7? (VIDEO)

The X Factor UK 2016 results are live! But who went home in sixth place?

It was Movie Night this week, and it brought out the best in the contestants. Seriously, this was easily Ryan Lawrie’s best week with “Jailhouse Rock”, while Matt Terry’s take on “Writing’s On the Wall” was so stunning that it brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears! And while Emily Middlemas unfortunately didn’t get to go upbeat this week like she’d hoped, her performance of “It Must Have Been Love” was among her most compelling. And those were just my favorites, without even getting into how Saara Aalto slayed “My Heart Will Go On”, 5 After Midnight rocked “Try A Little Tenderness”, and Honey G got crazy with a mashup, “It’s Like That”/”Gettin’ Jiggy wit It”. It was one of the best nights of the season, as everyone fights to get closer to the finale.

But who went home this week? Get the results below:

The X Factor UK 2016 Results: Who Went Home In Week 7? (VIDEO)

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The first act going through to next week is…5 AFTER MIDNIGHT!

The second act going through to next week is…SAARA AALTO!

The third act going through to next week is…MATT TERRY!

The fourth act going through to next week is…EMILY MIDDLEMAS!

The bottom two are RYAN LAWRIE and HONEY G!

For the second week, the show teases us with the possibility of Emily and Ryan facing off in a sing-off. I think it’s because they know a lot of people want to see that drama, even if the votes prevent it from ever really happening. I mean, this was probably the last week it could happen, because there’s no way Ryan survives a fifth time, is there? Then again, what would Honey G even do in a sing-off? Last time I can remember a rapper facing off in an X Factor Bottom 2 showdown, it was Astro back on The X Factor USA Season 1. And while Astro survived the sing-off, he got raked across the coals for his bad attitude at the time. Here’s hoping Honey G avoids a similar meltdown.

Ryan Lawrie vs. Honey G in The X Factor UK Bottom 2 Sing Off

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Ryan Lawrie is up first, and he sings “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran, which is apparently a popular choice for Bottom 2 sing-offs this week. Unfortunately for Ryan, this is actually worse than Aaron Gibson’s rendition of the song on The Voice this week. He was out of tune, and although he had his guitar with him, I don’t know that he was actually playing it in a way that contributed to the performance at all. I get that emotions were running high, and you could hear it in his voice. But this really wasn’t good enough to warrant being saved a fifth time.

Honey G is up next with a Missy Elliott medley that gets the crowd going crazy. This is one of the most interesting sing-off performances I’ve ever seen. In fact, I thought this was one of Honey G’s best performances. It was stripped away from all the bombast of the dancing and flashing lights. I loved this.


Simon Cowell thinks it should go to deadlock, but he votes to save the person who seems like they wanted it more. Simon votes to send home RYAN LAWRIE!

Sharon Osbourne backs her act and votes to send home RYAN LAWRIE!

Nicole Scherzinger backs her act and votes to send home HONEY G!

Louis Walsh thought it was a good sing-off, but he has to send home RYAN LAWRIE!

RYAN LAWRIE is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK!

Honestly, it was time for Ryan to go. Still, crazy respect to him for how hard he fought to stay every week. In his exit interview, he says he hopes Emily goes on to win the entire thing. Cute. I hope Simon actually follows through on his promise to let Emily do something uptempo next week though. He keeps dangling that “We’ll do uptempo next week!” carrot in front of people, in hopes they’ll keep voting her through on the slim possibility he’ll ignore his own worst instincts and not Drew Ryniewicz his act out of the competition with dreary ballads.

As for Honey G, I’m not the least bit surprised she was saved. That said, this bottom two showing could give her the boost she needs to possibly make it all the way to the finale, since it will galvanize her fans to vote like crazy to save her. And if Honey G makes the finale (hell, if she makes final four), she’ll have made it farther than any other novelty act in the history of the show, if memory serves. Of course, this is all predicated on Honey G picking up some new fans along the way. And I think the reason she landed in the bottom two in the first place is because she hasn’t so far. Sam Lavery fans are likely to throw their support behind someone like Emily or Matt before they’d throw in with Honey G, and I imagine Ryan’s fans will support Emily now. That inflates the support base of those contestants, but if Honey G can’t pick up new fans from somewhere, she’ll be left in the dust. I guess we’ll see, but with a theme like Louis Loves, I’m not entirely sure what she’s going to end up doing. Then again, I say that for just about every week where the song choices aren’t so obvious. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sharon chooses for her.

But what do you think of the results? Sound off in the comments!

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